Jimmy Rafferty

  Now you might say I'm a Country Glipe, and you wudn't be far wrong,
For I was reared on spuds and tay, and the tay was right and strong!
There was porridge for the breakfast, and soda bread for supper,
And all the spuds that you could eat, with great big lumps of butter!

Now I've wheen 'o' youngsters, and they've all growed up right grand,
But they take me out till places that I just can't understand.
They'd land round on a Sunday, and lift me and the wife,
And head off till ate in' houses that I'd never seen in my life!

We went till this Italian place, done up in golds and reds,
A big long name with letters that were mostly A's and Z's!
The waiter hovered round me, muttering 'pizza this and that',
So I pointed a something, and says 'I'll try a piece o' that.'
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