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Mr Mangle pic F.W. Thomas
The Commercial Traveller pic Will Terry
The Hunchback Of The Fell pic E. Hope
Me and a Spade pic Billy Bennett
Values pic Nosmo King
The Sparrow pic Nosmo King
The Killjoy pic Nosmo King
Loyalty pic Nosmo King
The Lady Without the Lamp pic Nosmo King
Providence pic Nosmo King
The Sermon pic Nosmo King
Mud pic Malcolm Brooke
Eighty and Three pic Leslie James
Empty Glasses pic Harold Simpson
An East-End Saturday Night pic F. Raymond Coulson
The Cane Bottom'd Chair pic W.M. Thackeray
Devil May Care pic Charles H. Taylor
If We Only Knew pic Mel B. Spurr
The Difference pic Desmond Kelly
The Fox's Prophecy pic D.W. Nash
Joe's Luck pic L. Waldron
Johnnie, Me and You pic Corney Grain
Little Orphan Annie pic James Whitcomb Riley
Green Eye of the Little Yellow God pic J. Milton Hayes
My Old Football pic J. Milton Hayes
A Little Guttersnipe pic Valentine
Come Home, Father pic Henry Clay Work
The Fireman's Wedding pic W. A. Eaton
The Deck of Cards pic T. Texas Tyler
The Face Upon the Floor pic Hugh Antoine D'Arcy
The Touch of the Master's Hand pic Myra Welch
Lasca pic Frank Deprez
The Snow Looks Awful Pretty pic Tom Powers
Silver Cup's Race pic Cambell Rae_Brown
When You Figger It Out pic R. R. Pecorini
Woodman, Spare That Tree pic G. P. Morris
Philosophy pic V.F. Stevens
Abdul Abulbul Amir pic Percy French
Ackmed Kurd pic Cedric Forbes
Beau Tremaine pic Richard Morton
Big Bellew and the Chinese Maid pic Milton Hayes
The Charge of the Light Brigade pic Alfred Lord Tennyson
The Dream Ring of the Desert pic Milton Hayes
Excelsior pic H. W. Longfellow
The Kid's Last Fight pic Anon
Old Skipper Bob pic Lyell Johnston
The Phantom Mail pic Richard Morton
Phil Blood's Leap pic Robert Buchanan
The Road to Mandalay pic Rudyard Kipling
Gunga Din pic Rudyard Kipling
Skipper Ireson's Ride pic John Greenleaf Whittier
Square Deal Sanderson pic Frank A. Terry (1925)
The Highwayman pic Alfred Noyes
The Raven pic Edgar Allen Poe
The Whitest Man I Know pic Milton Hayes (1914)
Yukon Jake pic Ted Parmentier
Billy's Biograph pic Taylor and Clarke
Billy's Rose pic George R. Sims
Goodnight Dad pic Martyn Herbert
In The Workhouse, Christmas Day pic George R. Sims
Keeping Christmas pic George R. Sims
My Leetle Rosa pic Ernest Longstaffe (1927)
The Newsboy's Debt pic Anon
In the Orphan House pic Susan Coolidge
The Road To Heaven pic George R. Sims
Timmy's Sacrifice pic William H. Dawes
Which Shall It Be pic Ethel Beers (1861)