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French Invasion David Lindsay
Mud, Glorious Mud Just George
A Brighton Ballad Colin West
Percy The Pirate Colin West
'Arold Stephen Ogier
The Foolish Vestal Virgin Stephen Ogier
The Colosseum Lions Stephen Ogier
Sixty Years Still Reigning Stephen Ogier
Roman and the Queen Stephen Ogier
Robert the Bruce Stephen Ogier
Adam and Eve Stephen Ogier
Quasimodo George Liddel
Yorkshire Don Juan George Murphy
50 (Not Out) Chris Mangham
Turkey Talk Chris Mangham
The Birthday Cake Ivan Bennett
Whatever Happened To Spangles Ivan Bennett
Scotland's Worst Poacher Ivan Bennett
Brummies Come To Rhyl Ivan Bennett
King Alfred Burns The Cakes Ivan Bennett
Ode to Welsh Wales Ivan Bennett
Al Capone and the Loser Ivan Bennett
Squid's Tale, The Ivan Bennett
Garden of Eden, The Ivan Bennett
Harold's Tea Ivan Bennett
Man From Mars Chuzz16
Bygone Days Graffiti Poet
Things That Go Bump In The Night Graffiti Poet
Little Blue Pill Graffiti Poet
It's Harder For Men Graffiti Poet
Legend of Robin Hood, The Terry D. Watkins
Albert Ramsbottom Goes To Work Terry D. Watkins
Three Pirates, The Andrew Vasey
The Exorcist and the Executioner Andrew Vasey
Isadora Duncan Andrew Vasey
Salome Or A Case Of Mistaken Identity Andrew Vasey
Albert and the Olympics Andrew Vasey
Cheerleader, The Andrew Vasey
Bouncing Bomb, The Andrew Vasey
Saddler of Bawtry, The Andrew Vasey
Bit Of Rough, The Andrew Vasey
Voyage of 'The Beagle', The Andrew Vasey
Seduction - Two, The Andrew Vasey
Albert and the Psychoanalyst Andrew Vasey
Wandering Jew, The Andrew Vasey
Albert And The Jubilee Andrew Vasey
Market Day Mary Druce
Three Bears, The Mary Druce
Reg The Brontosaurus Mary Druce
Mr. Whippy's Funeral Mary Druce
Seduction, The Mary Druce
Hope For The Oldies! Mary Druce
Mary Druce's Shorts (selection) Mary Druce
Tom and Marilyn Mary Druce
The Penfriend Mary Druce
A Frothblower's Last Wish David Squires
Elsie's Handbag David Squires
John Baldy Tony Darke
Rustic Joys Tony Darke
Oor Macbeth Amiel Schotz
New Year's Eve Flavia Vanilla
Barry Island Jack Codman
Parting of the Waves Tom Gaunt
Spider In The Shed, The Tom Gaunt
Scottish Smoker, The Mike Grizaard
One Last Act Malcolm Edward
Calculator, The Malcolm Edward
Great Glodwick Discovery, The Malcolm Edward
Albert Goes To Heaven Christopher Moore
Trouble In Store Cliff Reeves
Wheelbarrow, The Eric Tate
Buried Treasure Eric Tate
An Ode of Old Cobblers Eric Tate
All I Want For Christmas Carolyn D. Tyson
Stanley and the Lifeboat Carolyn D. Tyson
Jim Old Stephen Webber
Height Of The Ridiculous, The Oliver Wendell Holmes
Pretentious Coffeehouse Poet, The Mark Rickerby
Just Live Mark Rickerby
Mickey the Mouth Mark Rickerby
Talky Tina Mark Rickerby
Old Man Keith Paul H. Tubb
There's No Beef About This Sausage Monty Wells
Saga of Annie and Fred, The Monty Wells
Penny Forum Monty Wells
Dad's No Coward Monty Wells
Game Of The Name, The Monty Wells
A Matter of Factory Monty Wells
Sad Fate of Dr. No's Yes-Man, The Monty Wells
Shopping Guide Monty Wells
Light that Almost Failed, The Monty Wells
Dust Up For The Cup Monty Wells
Top Off Th'Egg Geoff P.
Grandpa Grumps John G. Sutton
Flat Pack John G. Sutton
Granny's Last Gift John G. Sutton
Cautionary Tale Of Miss Lucy Luckett Ray Lawrence
Why The English Don't Want A Tunnel David Villiers-Child
Sheyp's Yed, The Val Baxter
Johnny Wise Jim MacBrayne
St. George Mike Rhodes
Joe's Picture Mike Rhodes
Ol' Socks, The Ernie Shankster
Midnight Cowboys, The Ernie Shankster
Chimney Fire, The Ernie Shankster
Uncle Joe Will Newman
Aunt Mary's New Chair Sue Corcoran
Baskets! Sue Corcoran
How Things Change Peter Reeves
Seventy Sag Paul J. Hill
Counting Calories Maureen George
Marriage Ben Mousley
Ballad of Swimmer, The Ben Mousley
Rime of the Ancient Taverner Alan Jay
Wimpole the Hunter Alan Hardwick
Pitmans Redundancy Pay Bill Sables
Joseph Poole Harry and Cliff Beevers
Go Lad, St. George Ray Smith
Aunt Josie's Wedding John Slater
Cheshire Lads Night Out John Slater
Masonic Day Out, The John Slater
Arise, Sir Syd J. R. Slater
Uncle Wullie Kenny Baxter
A Grave Situation Claude Morris
Off the Dole Ken Edgar
Tablets of Stone Ken Edgar
Dad's Christmas Puddin's John Walker
Day That Jim Painted His Window, The C. A. Dickens
A Change of Mind C. A. Dickens
Girl at the Bank, The C. A. Dickens
Bust Enlarger, The Sheila Betts
Death of Robin Hood, The Peter Booker
My Love Has a Red, Red Nose Peter Booker
Chutney Carol David
Charlie and the Princess Jack Doughty
They Don't Like It Up 'Em, You Know Don Jones
Saga of Long John Silver, The Don Jones
Patience Charter, The Colin Grantham
Old Faithful Alan Cameron
A Touch of the Farmer Giles Peter Wyllie
Trolley Game, The Peter Wyllie
A Breath of Fresh Air Peter Wyllie
Parable of Two Toys, The Peter Wyllie
Ode to Skegness Dave Forder
Conscription George Robert Saint
Off to the Seaside George Robert Saint
Eddie's Christmas Treat Michael Duxbury
Crisis at the Sperm Bank Godfrey Schmidt
Wee Stanley Len Stedall
Diggin' in t'Garden Len Stedall
How Bored You Get on a Sunbed Marianne Farrar-Hockley