by Pam Davies I must go on a diet! I can't get in my jeans. In fact if I had yours as well, I'd struggle at the seams! I just don't understand it, I eat everything that's good... ...and no-one could dispute the virtue of my daily food. Well, of course on Sunday, I must have my Sunday roast, But no-one would deny me that, the meal I love the most! Just to counteract it I have little for my lunch, BLT in bread with spread, a healthy thing to munch! Ah, of course there's Friday, well it simply must be fish. It wouldn't be a Friday if I served a different dish. It's not my fault I don't like steamed, it really must be fried! And then of course it must be chips, with bread roll on the side. Salad would be Monday, if it wasn't shepherds pie. There must be butter in the mash or else of course, it's dry! Bit of cheese goes on the top, there is no other way... ...and after all from one whole week, it's only just one day! Tuesday, that's a meat pie, so much energy within. I need the carb's to keep me going. that can't be a sin! Wednesday is a saving grace, it's chilli on white rice, It's full of sauce and chilli beans but it's still very nice. Thursday, well that's sausages, the butcher's very best, They can't have too much fat, he says they're better than the rest! Well that just leaves Saturday and Saturday is curry. Served with rice and chutney, so good when you're in a hurry! So you see, there is no cause for fat, of which to speak, If there's a naughty dish, I only have it once a week! I shall soldier on, in self denial, not complain, Although the scales are saying I weigh more or just the same. And maybe if i've not lost weight, within a week or two, I'll ditch the bread roll from the fish and find some fruit to chew!!
The end