written and performed by (Miss) Norman Grant Now Susan was modest, so blushing and pink, But nature had served her unkind, For one of her eyes had taken to wink, Which drove her near out of her mind. When out for a walk, if a man passed her by, She'd give him an innocent smile, That troublesome wink would come to her eye, And he'd chase her for mile after mile. Susan was blessed with a voice low and sweet, And the lead of the choir was she, One Sunday she rose with the choir to her feet, And the hymn was "Abide with me!" They watched her entranced as her voice outrang In tones so pure, and so sad, "Abide with me!" she sweetly sang, And winked at the parson like mad. Alas! poor Susan she lost a good place, She quite shocked her mistress one day, By winking right in her master's face When gathering up the tea tray. She paid her her wages, and told her to go,
The end